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Retaining Walls

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Function meets Style

While most barely notice them or only appreciate the aesthetics of a beautifully done retaining wall, it’s important to note their overall role in battling gravity and managing erosion!

Benefits of well-done retaining walls include:

Providing level, usable land

Managing water run-off

Provide extra seating

Controlling erosion

Protecting your home’s foundation

Enhancing your landscape design

Types of retaining walls to consider

Timber Walls

This wood option is the least expensive but may not last as long


This natural stone is the most expensive but also the most attractive

Boulder walls

Achieve a natural, rustic look with variety and texture

Concrete Blocks

Most common type of wall with many color and style options

    Incorporating a retaining wall into your landscape plan can enhance the overall aesthetic, provide transitions, back drops, and function as additional seating! Neher typically sources our retaining wall and freestanding block and systems from Watkins.  

    Retaining Wall Projects

    See our portfolio for more examples of Retaining Wall projects.


    How long do retaining walls last?

    Stone and brick retaining walls have been known to last decades when professionally built and maintained.

    How high can a retaining wall be?

    There are many factors involved in height. Some projects may require only a 2ft high wall, while seem may need 40ft. We will help you determine the right size.

    Do you recommend a fence with my retaining wall?

    If you have a tall retaining wall, you may want to include fencing for safety purposes.

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